Red card for Qatar

Reclaimed by the poor

We, poor folks from France, have gather in the Alsace-Lorraine maquis, in order to cancel the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In order to tell you why, we've published this text called Reclaimed by the poor, which is an invitation for you to help us put an end to the kings of oil's and the multinational companies' tyranny.

« We have decided to reclaim what is ours: we have decided to reclaim football! Therefore, we have asked the french players to answer to us: are they our glorious brothers or Qatar’s assets? Are they going to take a stand and put a clear stop to the privatisation and corruption of football? Are they going to boycott the 2022 World Cup? »



As we try keeping our communication efforts to a minimum, we didn't write so much in English. The French version of this action toolkit is way more complete, including sources for our accusations, copies of the calls to boycott we sent to the French national team and federation as well as more specific details about the strategy we're using in order to challenge the emir.

We're using crypted email addresses only.

How to cancel a World Cup?

There are two key points to keep in mind: Qatar's crimes are so heinous that no honest person could ever stand for them. The only reason why anyone defends Qatar or keeps their crimes silent is money. This campaign is based on a bet: if called-out publicly, anyone without blood on their hands would rather boycott the World Cup than undertake responsability or complicity in these crimes.

Now, we are publicly asking football players and federations where they stand: will they defend the dignity of the working-class, through their denounciation of the death of 6550 workers in Qatar; or will they cover Qatar's crimes?

In any country where the national team has been qualified to play the competition, you can write to the players and to the federation.

Writing isn't enough, though. You need to be more visible, to make sure people can't just ignore you. Want to see what if looks like?

Here's what we've done in Strasbourg, near the stadium or during a signing session.

What you can do

  1. Write a call to boycott in your own language
  2. Gather a group of poor folks willing to reclaim football
  3. Share you call to boycott with the players and federation in your country
  4. Make sure you can't be ignored